Save our girls

“Manners maketh man ” this is one of the profile phrases thats from the not so famous but legendary movie ‘kingsman’ , personally the movie was great I mean who would not love a British accent on a fine suit ,unless you’ve been part of an orchestra in Spain or you are Mike Tyson.Still, what […]

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Love like the drug not the disease

Love nowadays has become a field for public relations with the concept of smile to the public despite the fact that we are drowning in debts and domestic violence, instead of talking of how we can make the relationship stronger with our mates we brag of how we can juggle a couple relationship without our partners knowing

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Don’t let me drown.

We all have our own unique amount and specific skeletons in our closets that we call dirty little secrets ,the ones we would literally die with or die for ,the ones we share only with our mental diaries as monologues

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Love struck !

Under chesamisi falls ,
Where it all began and was concieved,
He watched as water ran through her hair,
How could one person posses so much beauty,
Eyes closed ,what else was there to watch ,
Water rolling down her chin through the rest of the body ,
Back into the river , nothing there went to waste ,
A beauty cycle it was ,a double tradgedy this was,
But only held by one .

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Craft your mind

I think there should be a moment to remind my country people that there is still road at the end of this short festive tunnel ,it is a calous move to throw it all in for a three day holiday whose left over is completed on the new year ,then the trouble begins .

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