Identity crisis …

One thing about my friend Frank is that he does not listen to critics and he goes for what he believes in ,this has been the greatest stepping stone to where he is right now, Frank is the type of person who would take the positive part of an insult like meat and leave the other part as bones ,say for example when wakanzu sacarsticaly told frank that he was good hearted but also stingy when frank refused to pay for a cab for her and instead opted to walk her home ,Frank was all like ” so you think I’m good hearted ?” Like that was all he got from the package, so when wakanzu told Frank that he had a singing voice and he could sing ,none of us could tell him otherwise, whatever we said was like a square hat for a round head.
Frank was so serious about singing that he found a recording studio and recorded a few tracks and he decided he was good to drop a mixtape that would be the significance of the begining of his new life time grind ,he was into this and like good friends indeed we decided to support him , you never predict what happens in the Kenyan music industry ,one would sing random words like ” shigiribangbang shigiribangbang shigidibeng beng ” and become famous – I’m not making this up , you need to listen to Frank’s playlist- so anyone trying to be famous is a friend for keeps ,my Instagram will still need famous people even to my death , millennial goals .
So after months of hitting the studio and playing low key on the songs Frank decided that he would drop his mixtape on Jamhuri day at mama whites hot and cold drinks his reason being something about Charity beginning at home ,it was a wrap.
The 12th of December found mama whites Joint filled with anxious friends and friends who had become family and also random people looking for a fun place to be ,the posters had done miracles ,-“Bigbanks Identity Crisis mixtape” dropping at mama whites ..- was what read on the posters but the pictures behind the words were downloaded photos of girls in swim suits and not a single one of Frank ,his stage name being Youngboss,that strategy had worked pretty well,even for him .
After a whole lot of open mics from upcoming supporting artists , Frank got on the stage at half past twelve ,sang two of his songs that everyone already knew and promised some good stuff in the tape itself ,he then removed copies from his bag and started distributing them around for everyone at three hundred and fifty each ,who said that music does not pay ,this was easy money.
“Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way…” Was it Christmas already or had the DJ gone nuts ,why was the DJ playing Christmas carols this early it was the 12th of December ,.. commotion begins .., apparently ,there was no mixtape , someone had passed the tape to the DJ to be played out of sheer curiosity but mostly out of keg headload and to everyone’s surprise Frank had just sold a CD with Christmas carols to everyone at three hundred and fifty shillings.
I don’t need tell you all that he bailed on all of us with wakanzu leading the way but as a common adage goes, ” there is no honor among thieves ” wakanzu in the pretence of saving Frank ran away with all the money plus Frank’s singing career ,so help us God with Frank’s next interest and damsel,with wakanzu still on the run Frank’s head walks low but his eyes darts to the sky , I just hope he has a plan for a rebrand but till then Frank is the two song hit and fall mama whites artist with a run away heart,but to him he later told us ,”when life gives you lemon ,better start getting thin early enough” so until we get to understand what my not-so-famous-anymore friend meant, adios amigos.


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