What if Adam was Eve

Imagine coming up with an idea ,working on the idea and later making it a masterpiece , something so perfect to the eye ,a glitter where there was no shine ,that silver lining on a dark shady cloud as the sun tries to penetrate through immediately after a short rain , something that has not been seen before ,an apogee on the inventory field ,a creation ,then without thought just giving it away to some part of the process ,I mean who can be so kind ,so generous ,so selfless ..that was God for me ,it’s way past 12 A.M. at mama whites ,my thoughts had taken the better part of me
call it what you may ,in a civilised society it might be called an addiction either way I love the meditations between drowsiness. At mama whites today the place seems damp for the first time,it’s hotter than normal and there is an aura of wierd desperation around everyone ,there is not much to see and the music is not as interesting as always ,some Tanzanian singer is celebrating his victory by tomenting the girls who refused him when he was poor ,why would the DJ even play that .,I turn to make a request …still no DJ , at the table it’s just me and Frank ,no crew ,Frank is so quiet deep in thoughts too ,he must be thinking about his music or not, maybe he’s just wondering how cold air comes from his mouth when he says hoooooo but warm air comes from the same mouth when he says haaaaaa ,its a mans world to think from a vacuum basic man-telligence ,today it’s just me and my demented thoughts .
We did not get the memo but apparently nearly everyone had travelled back home for the festive season ,even the DJ, it was just the few of souls like Franks and mine who didn’t get the excitements in going to the countryside or some guys who had stayed in the city for way too long they had forgotten their way home and for some they had just escaped to the city after doing something awful back home ,this was the crowd I was in today.
So what if Adam was Eve ,he’d probably have eaten the whole fruit I guess and Eve would have been safe , maybe even shared the rest of the fruits with Adam through the garden fence after Adam being chased out , ladies just have to think of their better half, some ladies I mean ,the likes of wakanzu are a not-so-rare but unique species ,then maybe man would roam the earth and come back to eat next to the garden of Eden . What would the shape of chairs be if our knees faced the other way round ? And yes I figured it out , God can’t be a man ,it would have been gay touching the male organ during creation he is all-knowing he’d know that duuuh -no homo- but he can’t be a woman either I mean he’d have made like seven more girls for approval and small talk before creating a dollish,pink and fragile world ..we wouldn’t have dogs or man ,yeah God is……good .

Nuuh…this could not work ,this wasn’t my niche ,not as I’m used to it ,I’m a more of a drown into all the action and mad vibe around you type of guy ,this day could not just work for me ,not with this kind of thoughts flooding my head ,next I’d start thanking God for the sugar reserve in soil that sugarcane mints from ,so help me God , Frank couldn’t agree with me more …why is mama whites holding a Chinese looking grown baby ..don’t ask we’ll probably find out next time but until then ..adios amigos


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