Craft your mind

By Jude Victor

It is my theory that wisdom decreases with generation ,I mean from the time of Solomon who was smart enough to be gifted wisdom to the likes of makhatma Ghandhi and his black alike Tupac or Shakur who came up with pretty poetic lines in song and are considered legends ,but then who is to blame , at least we came up with one proverb that is of age , why invent bogous when you can copy genius, which brings me to my point , all this because I couldn’t think of an adage that is of time so I went for an archaic one ,East west home is best , despite all the fun and festivities the city holds things were just not working out for me , everyone kept indoors and the streets were empty ,even at mama whites it was not fun anymore, back to my roots that was the plan .
Christmas is a little more different from that of what the people who brought it to us have ,the process and theme is different ,our white colonizers have snow during the festive season where the children make snow angels and ice skating there is Christmas trees ,there is a Santa and reindeers and gifting after Christmas on boxing day ,back home the theme is different , Christmas is more about the birth of Christ ,it’s His birthday ,that’s what we were taught if you are pro salvation , it’s more about family time and huge amounts of food ,it is a common habit for those in the country side to oversleep on January because all the cocks have been eaten during the festive season.
So I get back home and the mood is hyped ,ooh hail the King for the Saviour is born , family, extended family and the family I have never seen before are all gathered at my grandparents ,and I quickly remember it is also the season for “Anko simu yako iko na game .?” I quickly delete all the games and funny videos,I don’t need a memory of my phone come January ,games during Christmas are the cause of walking around with SIM cards through January.
I assemble my age mates and we are off for a re-union party at the closest town ,we are loaded right now we can afford travel and ice cold drinks from Epic Times Lounge .
The place is filled and the merry is at the top of the roof , I don’t understand how fast we forget there is a coming month that lacks rain and the responsibility of going back to school and work is also high .,”Njaanuary” , January, the month is always full of problems and complains I don’t know how most don’t learn and plan for it.
Even my cousins are really making me look good and I see a future at the end of the night which is me and a couple of root-damsels ,watch out brothers city boys are around.
I think there should be a moment to remind my country people that there is still road at the end of this short festive tunnel ,it is a calous move to throw it all in for a three day holiday whose left over is completed on the new year ,then the trouble begins .
Either way , until the day these balling cousins of mine get to know that ,I’m going to go with the common ” my phone is off and the money is in my phone ” old trick in the book to avoid settling the bills , I have a January to look rich and balling ,until then ,adios amigos .


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