Love struck !

Under chesamisi falls ,
That’s where dreams get to come to life ,
Where love held so dear ,
Locked in a steel love locket ,
Got to be opened the pictures revealed,
Painted so true with such perfection,
Pictures of two and meant for two ,
But only held by one .

Under chesamisi falls ,
Where it all began and was concieved,
He watched as water ran through her hair,
How could one person posses so much beauty,
Eyes closed ,what else was there to watch ,
Water rolling down her chin through the rest of the body ,
Back into the river , nothing there went to waste ,
A beauty cycle it was ,a double tradgedy this was,
But only held by one .

Under chesamisi falls,
That’s where the love belonged ,
So how then could he tell her ,
How when no one could compete with perfection,
Love was all he had to offer this world,
So how could he let her know when the only home he knew was where she was,
Under chesamisi falls where it was shared by two,
But only held by one.

Maybe tommorow then ,he knew she would come back,
No one gets satisfied with chesamisi falls,not just once,
At least the water felt what he felt for her ,
That was his love as the water fell on the hard pointed rocks,
The cliffs that were cold but at peace ,that was how he felt ,
Maybe the chesamisi falls was all he needed,
That was where all the love and memories were ,
All meant for two,
But only held by one.


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