Don’t let me drown.

We all have our own unique amount and specific skeletons in our closets that we call dirty little secrets ,the ones we would literally die with or die for ,the ones we share only with our mental diaries as monologues ,but to what extent do these skeletons crave and devour us from inside out to the point where we are literally walking dead .
Today I am at mama whites and it’s a solemn table to those who are even willing to join me ,I am not a drown in my own misery kind of guy ,I am just sad. I have lost a third friend to depression and I have another depressed friend with who I try to help and fight with but truth be told I am no therapist ,we are like the modern day “linking park” or some kind of depressed singing band with suicidal thoughts ,only that I am the one watching with nothing to do about it.

I have been through depression before as a teenager, I couldn’t talk to anyone or find anything to do about it but I was lucky enough to flow through it ,I have always been a lucky guy. With this millennial age and tenour it is easy to fall into depression I mean we all have parents to please, goals and careers to fulfil ,we have education to complete with much awaited success, relationships to build and maintain since “everyone” is watching ,I have Instagram accounts to look good to and maintain the same public relations in reality right ..? It’s the little things in life that matter anyway ,the things people don’t recognize their existence.

With the thoughts and assumption that these parents of ours don’t get us and cannot relate to the problems that the young generation face it is easy for us to fall into depression and hard to get out of ,but then each and every day a young person is lost to drugs , illicit activities and others succumb to the depression and commit suicide, you have not had a real problem if you have not thought of just ending this life they say .

I think we as the young generation need to be more free with each other let us have that guy who would listen to your problems ,the one you can confide in ,let us talk more about how we can uplift each other rather talk about who popped whose cherry or who blacked out after some party or even for those who talk about school stuff and careers,let us have that pause button to talk about our issues ,let us talk about how my dad is such a sucker but how I still love him but still how I wish he was like John’s dad ,I mean let us get personal at some point if it will stop us from sleeping six feet under at this age .

Be that guy that will approach someone who suddenly becomes distant and wants to keep to himself or herself ,be the person that will check up on that classmate who appears to have chosen truancy ,be the person that will know that passing that judgmental comment can ruin a life ,it’s not a win if you win a battle that is behind screens by throwing shade at someone without actually putting yourself in the other person’s shoe ,we have had celebrities who have therapy sessions commit suicide because of the weight of judgements , a depressed mind will automatically be attracted to music and comments that speak of how bad life is ,let us use these as red flags to save lifes and prevent people from making choices or decisions that would cripple the rest of their existence,I will always blame myself for that friend who quit school ,succumbed to drugs and used his school fees while I watched and talked about it as a joke because the guy had family problems and none of whoever he knew seemed to care ,I’d be that nag and Snoop just to prevent something like that the next time because I am your friend.

I have managed to get over depressing moments by keeping myself busy ,if I cannot tell you about how the things in my family are becoming a bane to my happiness I’ll swim or read a book or find noisy friends and just listen to people talk,let us find that other thing that is our escape pod, it is never that bad anyway it could be worse , before you contemplate suicide or drugs let us think “what next then” the problems will probably still be laughing at you in the afterlife or wherever people go after they commit suicide or just die .
Today I’ll just be a sad bum ,I have no taste for the keg anyway not today ,I’m probably going to hit up my squad for swimming sessions later ,so till next time ,let’s talk to each other ,be the one to trigger that kind of conversation, adios amigos.


5 thoughts on “Don’t let me drown.

    1. Yeah ,but how comfortable are you telling your parents that you had to depend on a guy who has suddenly dropped you because they don’t send enough upkeep and now you are no longer as popular as you were and or you are the talk of town ,so you are stressed ,If you won’t get


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