No nut zone

It is not a really good and jolly night at Mama Whites Hit and cold drinks as it should be, there is a really heated argument and the drama is just too much ,
Frank is standing on his seat as If he is addressing a political rally ,so help us God he does not get on this fragile table.
It is not his weight that I’m worried about , the thing is that Frank has been walking with his bag for a few days now ,this is the city and it’s past the fifth of this month, once you see someone walking with a full back pack between the 5th and the 15nth that is his house he is walking around with, there is probably two or more padlocks where the actual home is ,I did not want Frank crushing on me with a whole bedsitter on his back ,I’m not going to pretend like he also did not borrow my toilet and bath because his was apparently “blocked” , Mama keep praying for us ,the city has a hotter sun ,it’s a hustle out here .
Walking into Mama Whites you would think there is gender segregation the way today’s arrangement was ,on one side was the men really pissed off and swearing of how everything was unfair to them with Frank seemingly their leader ,on the other side was the ladies and without drinks behind wakanzu who was shouting ” This time mtatujua vizuri ,tumefunga duka, itabidi mmepanda mboga ” – This time you will know us well , we have closed the shops , you will have to grow your own vegs – equally annoyed.
So the ladies at Mama Whites too had decided to be part of the ” funga duka” campaign that is a campaign not to give any conjugal rights to their men until they start treating them right. This campaign was after some lady Moraa came out and said that she has suffered enough under her husband so she had decided to “funga duka ” as a remedy ,her public campaign was later backed up by the kenyan socialite Huddah who made it viral.
Frank ,so God bless this soul ,also had his arguments aligned back to back “kumbe ni biashara umekua unafanya hapa ,duka gani unafunga ,unauza nini ,tayari campaign enyewe haina adabu ” – so it’s a business you have been running here ,what have you been selling ? Which shop are you closing? The campaign itself has no moral background.

I had already made my own couple of shots on the men’s side I didn’t have the voice to shout past Frank and the music ,so I sat back to think for a minute, the motive behind the campaign is right ,we have seen women leaving suicide notes of how they invested a lot in a violent relationship and of how they were advised to ” just hold on and things will change” we have also seen women being beaten and mistreated but are we really looking at balanced scales here , society has formed the notion that since men are viewed as the stronger gender they don’t not suffer ,men also get mistreated and are also not treated right.
I am not fighting this fight for a particular gender per say ,I think the angle everyone is taking against gender based violence , especially this funga duka thing ,is wrong and is actually pointless. How long is the disciplinary process going to take for either side ,it’s not like ladies don’t need sex as much as men do ,also how many houses are going to break in the process? This is actually the chance men have been looking for to find a chance to cheat . What of the men who treat their ladies right ? Sex workers will soon be having a party out here soon ,war is good for business as they say anyway .
I think it would have been better if measures to protect those being mistreated would have been made tighter ,policies to protect analysed and made a new ,a new department to fight domestic violence opened and the consequences against the culprits made extreme . The issue of someone not being treated right is a matter of perception to an individual . Let us imagine of a lady who hears of this campaign from the country side and goes for it knowing it will solve her violent experience with her husband ,so instead of looking for help she decides to “funga duka “,then boom ,the problem escalates ,it is not a new that some women get raped in marriages and they do not even know it .
Here at Mama Whites there is even talk of a “strip naked campaign” to teach men how to behave , some things can not be unseen my dear friends ,that was my cue to leave , I also have a house to ensure is still intact and no dukas are opening or closing so till next time ,adios amigos


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